For the past 20 years I’ve worked out of my home office as an advertising media professional, with ample time to leave my desk and play in the kitchen.  Mostly self-taught, I inherited the love of cooking and sharing from the women who raised me – my mother, grandmothers, and one great grandmother.  The older two generations never followed recipes, but used their instincts and skills handed down from their forebears.  I will use recipes as a cheat sheet, but enjoy tweaking, substituting, and re-engineering, and encourage you to do the same.  I’m proud of my husband and son for becoming enthusiastic sous chefs who can put a meal together on the fly when they feel like it.  And nothing is more fun than watching my two miniature schnauzers dig their little bearded faces into a bowl of leftover fettuccine bolognese as a special treat.


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