Mango Ginger Lassi

As I write this I’m savoring the last few drops of this beautiful and refreshing summer beverage.  Some would call it a smoothie, but since I make it with kefir, I consider it a lassi – a yogurt-based drink popular in India.

So easy, and guaranteed to knock your socks off if you love mangoes and anything with a hint of ginger.  I do this in my Vitamix, but any good blender can do the trick.



Add all ingredients – in the order listed – to your blender container and blend until very smooth.  It will be icy cold from the frozen mango, and best enjoyed in a tall wine glass to savor the visual effect as well as the taste:

1 cup low-fat plain kefir (available at TJ’s or any health foods store)

2/3 cup TJ’s frozen mango chunks

1 thin slice ginger root

2 tsp organic sugar

a pinch of cardamom

Double the recipe for two, because you won’t want to share!



3 thoughts on “Mango Ginger Lassi

  1. That looks soooo refreshing right now. Just went next door and picked a small colander of tomatoes, and the sweat is just rolling down my back- despite the house being very comfortable! I love the presentation- perfect in that lovely glass.
    Meanwhile, I just go back to my bottle of water…
    (poor, poor pitiful me…..)


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