Grilled Sirloin & Potatoes with Salad

IMG_0587What could be simpler and more satisfying on a hot summer night than grilling a thick, juicy sirloin, with well-seasoned potatoes and a big salad on the side?  Husband and I share  one steak, usually between 1-1.2 lbs, and split it about 60/40, with his portion being the larger.  My technique for grilling steaks has been constant for many years – a light brushing of either Kitchen Bouquet or Gravy Master, followed by seasoning rub, so,etimes with coffee or mushroom powder.  Last night the rub was lots of black pepper and a seasoning salt mix I had on hand from Frontier, and former client in the herb & spice business.

The potatoes were medium-sized red-skin, par-cooked in the microwave for about 4 minutes, then halved when cooled off a bit and tossed in a Ziploc bag with EVOO, minced garlic, S&P and herbes de provence.  These were then grilled alongside the steak for about 10 minutes, 5 minutes per side.

The salad was a semi-antipasto – spring mix, halved grape tomatoes, onion, anchovies, slivered Genoa salami, and shaved Pecorino Romano tossed with Italian dressing – posted 4 months ago, but reprinted here:


3/4 cup extra virgin olive oil; 1/4 cup cider vinegar; 2 tbsp water; 1 minced or crushed garlic clove; 2 tsp sugar; 1-1/2 tsp Kosher salt; 1/2 tsp black pepper, 1 or 2 tbsp grated Pecorino Romano; 1/2 tsp oregano; 1/2 tsp basil

Combine all in a tightly lidded jar and shake well.  (The dressing keeps well in fridge, but should be brought to room temperature again before using, as the EVOO solidifies when chilled.  This can be done by running your container under hot water a bit)


2 thoughts on “Grilled Sirloin & Potatoes with Salad

  1. We had grilled steak (N.Y. strips) last night also. Made a rub from some porcini powder someone shared with me (and you -know-who probably would have pitched a fit if he knew it was part of it, but I never said a word and he commented on how good the rub was). 🙂 To the porcini powder, I added some coarse pepper, granulated onion and garlic, a bit of paprika and truffle salt. He did a bang-up job grilling- perfectly rare.
    Don’t think I will mention the porcini stuff- cuz he’s bound to come up with some reason why I shouldn’t use it again, even tho he didn’t know about it in the first place.
    It’s all about the subterfuge.

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