Steakhouse Dinner

Today was about as summery as a spring day could possibly be, and it put me in the mood for a juicy steak on the grill with salad and potatoes.  There was a time when my husband and I could each put away a one pound sirloin, but now we share one, and let the salad take dominion over the plate, with either baked potato or roasted red potatoes on the side.

On his way home from a workout at the gym, my son decided to pick up a steak for himself and join us.  He opted for a porterhouse, the type they charge $90 for at Morton’s, not including sides.  This photo has not been altered in any way – his steak was truly twice the size of the one we shared, making his portion 4x the size of either of ours.  And but for a few morsels shared with our darling little dog, he finished the whole thing.

SteaksMy method for steaks has been the same for decades – brushed lightly with Kitchen Bouquet or Gravy Master, seasoned with a salt/pepper/herb blend, and grilled to medium rare.  Since they were both the same thickness – about 1-1/2″ – they took the same time on the grill, just about 10 minutes.

Salad was a mixture of Earthbound Farms super dark greens, baby San Marzano tomatoes, onions, kalamata olives, and some shaved Romano, dressed with my Italian dressing from the blog post of March 7.  Oven-roasted red potatoes tossed with olive oil, herbes de Provence, paprika and S&P – a steakhouse dinner for three that would have run at least $300 (no sharing allowed) – for about $45.  No tax, no tip, no valet parking.  Highly recommended.


3 thoughts on “Steakhouse Dinner

  1. Isaac’s hunk o’ cow reminds me of the portions Mr. W. loves to eat on Saturday evenings. I do enjoy a nice, flavorful piece of beef, grilled to perfection and have some once in a while…but, you know, Tom. He would have it more often than he does!
    Having had some delicious steak, grilled to perfection by the Barbecutioner Extraordinaire, Harris, I can attest to how great they are!!!

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