On March 24 I posted Ratner’s recipe for blintzes, and then promptly went out and purchased frozen blintzes at Trader Joe’s.  What a mistake!

Today, I got a refund for the $3.99 spent on those, purchased a 1 lb container of ricotta which I drained of excess liquid, and made the blintzes pretty much according to the Ratner’s recipe.

What worked well – filling a 1/4 cup measuring cup with 3 T of the batter for each one and keeping the next filled cup ready to go as the previous one was frying.  What was NOT necessary – a spatula.  Remembering how my nana’s production line went, I had my tea towels lined up on an adjacent kitchen counter and simply tapped the pan upside down to release the blintz.  I could feel her standing on my shoulders guiding every step.

Here they are cooling, just like they did back in the ’50’s:


And here they are filled – a perfect 18, lucky number.  Cannot wait for brunch tomorrow!



2 thoughts on “Blintzed!

  1. Hmmmm…never thought about just inverting the little suckers like that onto a tea towel. Learned something today! I have been thinking all week about crêpes for my Sunday brunch with some orange butter. Now, I am convinced that’s what I am making. Thanks for the inspiration. What will your serve with your blintes?

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  2. We’ll serve them just with sour cream on top, as a side to bagel with smoked salmon and chive cheese. Have to tell you, making these was like a trip to my childhood. Loved doing it.


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