Isaac Loves Cooking

Nothing pleases me more than seeing my son Isaac happily preparing a meal, whether it’s a perfect omelette with garnish for himself, or a dinner for his girlfriend Jenn.  From the food shopping to the selection of tools and preparation of the mise en place, he’s got the natural instincts to know what tastes good and how to present it.

IMG_0531Here they are enjoying a late dinner of sauteéd chicken breasts (I tasted, moist and bursting with flavor), mushroom risotto and broccolini with shallots and garlic.

Besides his love of all the foods I ate heartily while pregnant with him, I think my boy also inherited the cooking gene that was nurtured in me by my mother.  Can you tell that I’m glowing with pride that Isaac loves cooking?


3 thoughts on “Isaac Loves Cooking

  1. He learned at the hands of a master!The boy appreciates good food, no doubt about it. It’s great when you can instill that sort of thing in your kids. My Sarah loves to cook, and is good at it also- for her, tho, time and a pain-in-the-butt husband are two constraints. It’s so easy to walk to the frozen food aisle and pick up one of those nasty pre-made dinners, slap it in the microwave and call it done.
    I suppose it fills the tummy, but hardly reaches the soul. That’s what we’ve taught our kids!!!

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