Frittata Redux

There’s a profound sense of security in having both of the egg trays in my fridge filled with two dozen extra large.  It’s knowing that the possibilities with these little vessels of protein and fat are nearly unlimited and no one need go hungry.  Hard-boiled, scrambled, over easy, combined with bacon for pasta carbonara, or the basis for an omelet or a frittata.  So it amounted to a major food crisis when I awoke today to a refrigerator uncharacteristically devoid of eggs, after using the remaining three last night to make brownies.  Off to Trader Joe’s in a flash, and $48 later (because who can buy just one thing at Trader Joe’s?) my egg trays were once again filled to maximum capacity. Tonight, dining alone (in the company of a husband not hungry enough for dinner) there they were crying out “frittata” to me.  No recipe, simply put together on the fly with everything I thought would taste good – sauteéd onions, red bell pepper, crimini mushrooms, broccoli florets; seven eggs beaten with half & half and shredded cheddar poured over the veggies; a few slices of prosciutto and another sprinkle of the cheese on top, and into the countertop convection oven for fourteen minutes at 425 until puffed and lightly golden brown. IMG_0345 I served myself 1/4, accompanied by a multigrain English muffin with a schmeer of cream cheese and spread with vibrant salmon caviar (not expensive – four containers bought online partly for New Year’s Eve, the rest frozen for whenever). IMG_0346So now there are only 17 of the original 24 eggs in those trays, but there’s also 3/4 of a leftover frittata to look forward to tomorrow.  Feeling secure once again.


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