Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

Having the ingredients is only part of the equation – having the right tools makes the solution so much easier.  I had a craving for red pepper hummus, something we usually buy when on sale at WF or TJ’s..  However, finding a can of chick peas in my cabinet, and half a jar of roasted red peppers in the fridge that needed to be used before turning moldy, set the wheels in motion.  Uh-oh, the hummus needs tahini.  I have no tahini, but wait – I have toasted sesame seeds (again, from the Chinese market) and so many varieties of oils to use.  Tahini is nothing more than pulverized sesame and oil, so we’re good to go.

And thus, with the combined effort of will power, my Vitamix and my Cuisinart – we created:


IMG_0529Act I – the blender.  If you already have tahini on hand to begin with, fine – the recipe requires 1/3 cup.  If not, then grind up 1 cup toasted sesame seeds in a really good blender (I do love my Vitamix, worth every penny, although I paid for 75% of it with Amex rewards points).  Then add 2-3 T of neutral flavored oil and a bit of sesame oil if you have it.  Puree, and voila – tahini.

Act II – the Cuisinart.  Throw 2 plump cloves of garlic in with the motor running, then scrape down the sides.  Add 1 can drained chick peas (15.5 ounces), 1/3 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice, 1/3 cup of the tahini, and process until very smooth.  Lastly, add about 1/2 cup drained roasted red peppers and S&P to taste, puree again, and you’ve got it – no more store-bought.  This is so much fresher and better.  Serve with pita chips, spread on sandwiches in lieu of mustard or mayo, and enjoy!



2 thoughts on “Roasted Red Pepper Hummus

  1. I love roasted red pepper hummus- you-know-who—*HUMMUS….EWWWWWWWWWE…the man drives me batty sometimes. Anyhow, this looks easy enough and will certainly keep this in mind when I have that half-jar of roasted red peppers hanging around.
    You da bomb, girl!

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