For the Love of Son and Sushi

Today is Isaac’s birthday, and to celebrate last night we took him to one of his favorite sushi restaurants in Quincy, MA.  During my pregnancy with him, I worked in Back Bay not far from a Japanese restaurant, where I’d often indulge in sushi platters for lunch, convinced that the more fish I ate, the smarter my child would be.  Truthfully, having never had a day of morning sickness for the whole 9-1/2 months of that pregnancy, I ate everything in sight, adhering only to the strict advisory against alcohol and caffeine.


I consumed not just raw fish, but all manners of seafood, cheeses, peanuts, and even steak tartare…but only prepared under the expert auspices of the dining room at the Ritz.

I take serious issue with the current food taboos for pregnant women, which would have one abstain from all of the above, and more.  Honey, of all things!  The purest food on the planet.  To avoid peanuts while pregnant would seem to increase the potential for allergens, not reduce them.  I’m not a physician, but I do know about the theory of vaccination.  Exposure to mild doses of disease innoculates us against them.  So why not the same for peanuts and other foods that have instead produced a veritable plague of food allergies among children whose mothers abstained from them during pregnancy.

Isaac loves sushi even more than I did then, and indulges in it often.  He also enjoys peanut butter sandwiches, meat cooked medium rare, milk, swordfish, cheeses, and honey.  No food allergies at all for that boy, and damn smart, too.

Happy birthday, my darling Omnivore!


3 thoughts on “For the Love of Son and Sushi

  1. I so agree w/ your comments on diet while pregnant. I had the opposite experience while pregnant unfortunately. Sick as a dog both times for a bit longer than first trimester. However once that stopped, I ate most everything in sight. Scotty’s birth weight, I am convinced, was at least 1/3 G.S. Thin Mints. (they came out just as I was starting to feel better)
    There has been some research done about desensitizing kids with nut allergies by giving them small doses at a time..and it’s proven very promising.
    Honey? Had not heard that one before. Crazy.
    And best wishes to Isaac for a very happy birthday and a year of good things ahead for him. Especially in the career area!!
    What do you think the odds are of my dragging Mr. W. to any place that serves sushi?? 😉

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    1. The one time we went to a hibachi restaurant when his son was still in Groton CT., we almost had a divorce. He was so overwhelmed by the menu that he was like a kid on drugs, I swear. When he finally calmed the hell down and I showed him how easy it was and NO he didn’t have to have sushi, he actually ordered tempura and a sesame beef thing and liked it. Or so he said. Any mention of going to a place that even whispers sushi–well, he’ll just turn into a petulant child and pouts. 🙂

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