Passing on Passover


Much to the chagrin of my son who has enjoyed his status as Seder leader for the past few years, I have informed my immediate family that I shall not be hosting a Passover Seder this year.  I’m sure it was the interminable winter drear that put a damper on my enthusiasm for this tradition at our table, but I cannot seem to muster the energy to prepare the usual multicourse meal for 12, and all the menu-planning, table setting, shopping, cooking, taking out and putting away of china, linens, and crystal, and the clean-up, no matter how much help I get with the latter.

Instead, I promised to make a traditional Passover-worthy dinner for the four of us that Friday night, April 3, from matzo ball soup to petite lemon cheesecake.  Of course there will be brisket, just not 7 pounds of it and no second entree of a poultry variety, and no fish course other than perhaps a salad garnished with smoked trout.

It may seem odd to be making this decision after starting this blog and posting so many Passover recipes here, but it feels to me that that was my way of sharing my table with a much larger audience than I could ever seat in our dining room.

It’s just two weeks away – there will, as usual, be a full moon.  Would love to see it shining down on newly sprouted greenery.

Happy Pesach to all.


2 thoughts on “Passing on Passover

  1. I have done that w/ Easter dinner lately. Just too much to do- and not enough time–or inclination- to do it. Felt guilty as hell the first year, but as Tom and I sat down to a regular meal for two (and it was festive, just not multicourse, nor days and days of prep), it dawned on me, that nowhere was it written that I HAD to do a big dinner every year.
    Guilt was quickly replaced by “why didn’t I think of THAT sooner?”
    We even enjoy a movie that day—IF there is something worth watching, rather than fussing over table settings, Easter baskets, and spotless house.

    AND, along with you, I wish for that full moon to be gleaming down on maybe a crocus or two—if the promised snow for tomorrow melts quickly, I am sure that will be in the realm of possibility.

    L’Chaim—and all the newness of spring!!!

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