A few words about libations

What to drink while cooking, what to serve with a meal?  Except for the occasional sub-shop take-out or pizza, or a deli sandwich, I have never put soda out with a meal.  Sparkling water with lemon or lime, yes.  Diet coke, orange soda, etc. etc – never.

While cooking or baking during the morning or afternoon, I’m usually sipping a cup of French roast black coffee or Mighty Leaf Tea – so many favorite varieties – Green Tea Tropical, African Nectar, Orange Dulce, Organic Earl Grey, Chamomile Citrus.  Cooking dinner, a whole ‘nother story.  It’s when the cocktail hour begins.  Bourbon on the rocks – plenty of rocks – usually Knob Creek or Larceny.  But a more recent favorite, discovered when Grey Goose was promoting cognac-laced vodka around Christnmas for $75 a fifth (very pretty bottle, but really?) I tried my own version of freezer-chilled Kettel One with a splash of cognac and plenty more ice to keep it bracingly cold.  Never liked the taste, or non-taste actually, of straight vodka; not a martini drinker either.  But this little concoction is really quite good.

With dinner, we usually have just ice water from the Poland Springs dispenser, or iced tea – almost always Republic of Tea Ginger Peach, with a sprig of mint when available.  Not much of a wine drinker when it’s just the two of us, since husband no longer imbibes, but I do love a bold Italian or California red for dinner with guests.  Solane Valpolicella, Bogle Authentic Red, or a crisp white table wine with seafood.  There are always bottles of inexpensive red and white by the spice rack to add a splash into what’s cooking.

And for Passover – just 4 weeks away – Manischevitz Blackberry.  Nothing goes better with brisket.  More about Passover later.



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