Why blog now?

Over the years so many of my friends and business colleagues have said “Roni, why don’t you start a blog?”  I resisted, instead dispensing my advice about food and recipes freely on websites such as Epicurious and among fellow cooking enthusiasts on Facebook.  Having spent the past several weeks enduring a winter from Hell here in the Boston area, I’ve been cooking and baking like a woman possessed – housebound, encased in the Permafrost – conjuring up hearty breads, soups, stews, and fruit-loaded coffeecakes to cheer my family and fill the hours not working or removing snow.  If you love to eat, you may already love to cook – a creative and loving way to share the joy of making something wonderful from basic, wholesome ingedients.  If you’re unskilled, afraid, or inexperienced in the kitchen, trust me on this – all you need is excellent ingredients, the right tools, and the will to delight the appetites of those you love…including yourself.  Follow me, read my recipes, and enjoy creating  dishes greater than the sums of their parts.


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